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Welcome to Nashville Funeral and Cremation

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Welcome to our website. We are undergoing¬†“remodeling” at this site, as well as at our physical location at 210 McMillin St in Nashville.

Located in the heart of the Midtown region of Music City, USA, Nashville Funeral and Cremation provides caring, reliable service to our community, and surrounding areas, at an affordable price.

Take a moment to read more About Us, Our Services, and Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you find our website informative and helpful in making a decision before or during a difficult loss of a family member or loved one.

Contact Us through the website or Call 615.256.1605 for more information, or to schedule an appointment with a member of our caring staff.


“A few months before my mother actually died, I contacted my good friends at Nashville Funeral and Cremation, for advise on how to plan the funeral arrangements. Mother had been in a nursing home for almost two years and on more than one occasion I received calls that the end was in sight. In her 91st year of life, I intellectually knew that this was a time of passage: I just wasn’t ready to let go. Prior to calling Nashville Funeral and Cremation, I visited the funeral home that handled my Dad’s funeral some 7 years earlier. I had asked them to pull his records and review the arrangements so we could plan for Mother’s. I was shocked by the inflationary increases over those few short years. After talking with Nashville Funeral and Cremation, I was surprised to learn that their company had not experienced that kind of economic impact and it opened a discussion on the quality of funeral services that would indeed be “our choice,” not just be a repeat customer. After careful thought and discussion with my siblings, we knew Mother would love to have the visitation at the church where she and our Father attended for the 59 years they were married.

When the end did indeed come, Nashville Funeral and Cremation was there to take over the helm and gently guide us through the planning of every detail. It was lovely, peaceful and dignified; just like Mom. We all still miss her today but the send-off was blessed. Thank you Nashville Funeral and Cremation.”

"Until one has to go through the tragic loss of their mother one doesn't realize the importance of a great funeral director. You were compassionate and extremely thoughtful throughout this long sad affair. I have the utmost gratitude for your services."

-- The Manning Family Nashville, TN