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About Nashville Funeral and Cremation Services

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Nothing speaks higher about a business than their satisfied customers. We invite you to read the following testimonial submitted by a client:

“I believe it is the hope of those who organize a memorial service that the experience will be a lasting tribute to the memory of the person being celebrated. The memorial experience gives the opportunity for family and friends to gather on final time in grief, in remembrance, and most importantly in the celebration of the life that has passed, and in doing so allows us all to take a brief glimpse at our own mortality and gives us pause to reflect on what is truly important in each of our lives.

What a huge responsibility for those who provide these services to the family and friends of the person who has passed. There was a delicate balance in knowing the right amount of detail needed to take care of our family while also giving us the freedom to have as much input as we wanted. This balance was executed perfectly and we all felt the kindness and respect from everyone involved. Rick Smith and Jerry Poindexter provded exactly what was needed in regards to the services and memorial for my father, Bruce W. Scott, who passed away on August 19, 2007. My father was lucky enough to have worked with Rick and Jerry prior to his passing and he told me many times about the wonderful people he was working with. It was only after my dad’s passing that I was given the opportunity to work with Jerry and Rick personally. The level of professionalism and class that was demonstrated in absolutely all aspects of this emotional, difficult process was, and is, appreciated beyond anything I could ever state here. I can not provide any higher reccomendation than I do for strong>Nashville Funeral and Cremation Service, and specifically for Rick and Jerry. Thank you both for your services to me, to my family, and most importantly to my father. We will be forever grateful.”

Kevin Scott
   Duluth, Georgia

Nashville Funeral and Cremation Service officially opened our doors in 2003 primarily to serve the Funeral Industry. Since then, Nashville Funeral and Cremation Service has handled over thousands of clients. In 2012 we installed our very own state of the art crematorium. All cremations are done on site so your loved one never leaves our care.

Over the years we have seen the cost of funerals rise to a level many people can no longer afford. Therefore, our goal and our mission for the local market of the Nashville area is to provide the public with high quality funeral and cremation services at a very reasonable cost.